Update on My Covid Kid

Melanie Green


woman in black long sleeve shirt holding white face mask
woman in black long sleeve shirt holding white face mask

I appreciate so many people checking on my little girl, so I wanted to give an update. She had a 65-hour EEG done, where a tech came to our home and hooked her all up. That happened on a Thursday afternoon in October and they came back that Sunday afternoon to take everything off. They pasted a lot of sensors to her brain and a few more to her chest. She had to carry around a "pack" with her everywhere she went and there was also a video on her the entire time. The video did not have any audio, it was to capture what was happening visually so the doctors could correlate any abnormalities to activities. The results took about four weeks to get and unfortunately, we were told we had to schedule an appointment to speak with the neurologist since there were some abnormalities.

She had quite a few "spikes" associated with the beginning of her sleep cycle. There wasn't an alarming number, but enough to notice, and talk about medication. We opted to not do the medication and go back in a year for another EEG since the abnormalities were not enough to signify a strong recommendation for medication.

The doctor also requested a brain MRI done under anesthesia, and this is our next hill to climb over. Since all her "spikes" and abnormalities all happened in the same area of the brain, the neurologist wants to see some pictures of her brain to rule out tumors and stuff like that. So we are in the process of getting that scheduled, which is no easy feat apparently! If the MRI is clear, then the doctor is confident it was just a bad time in her life and all from covid as there is no other explanation.

Let me remind you, our little girl has never had any medical problems until stupid covid. She plays soccer and likes playing outside in the country or with our neighbors. She had the seizure 3 days after testing positive. While she had covid she was a rollercoaster of issues. She'd be perfectly fine and hanging upside down off the couch laughing one minute, and then pale, feeling nauseous, stomach hurting, and tired the next. She hasn't had any other episodes (thank goodness). She has had trouble falling asleep, but that has gotten better in the last few weeks. Our other concern, besides the MRI, is the amount of weight she has gained in such a short amount of time. I don't buy cokes, and I limit any type of junk food, candy, and the like, so this is truly a puzzle to us. Of course, she's growing and we know kids grow tall and then wide, then repeat that all over again. We're not paranoid about her weight, we just want her to be healthy. Other than that, she's great! She's funny, and definitely the happiest 8 year old girl ever.=)

I'm a fairly private person, but I figured the more our story is shared the more chances there will be to help someone. For us, the vaccination was completely political and still is to a degree, but since her seizure, it's about protecting those that can't protect themselves. Pure and simple. Everyone has a choice. All I ask is that when you are making your choice, don't just think about yourself. Think about those that might not have the option of making their own choice. Just make the best, most educated, logical decision you can for yourself and your family.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! I'd love to help give any insight I can if it will help. I'll be sure to update once we have the MRI done.