Let The Journey Begin

Melanie Green


The Journey is On LED signage
The Journey is On LED signage

I want this first post to be filled with hope. It is a fresh start on a new adventure. I think we always get "stuck" at some point in our lives whether it is in a job, a routine, a food we like, whatever it may be. This is my breakout point. It's my hope that everyone at some point in their lives will have that "light bulb" moment when they ask themselves if they are truly happy with their life. I think what matters most is what we do with the answer. I know, I know, how many people have you heard before that have been misses happy sunshine? Well, I can be as sarcastic as they come but I'm still a happy and positive person. Just ask the last person that said I was negative, insert giggle here.

My point with this first post is that this is me doing something about it. I'm answering my question because life is short. I've lived. I've had some seriously shitty things happen to me, but I've also had some amazingly wonderful people come into my life and had some amazing things happen to me as well. I'd like to think some of those amazing people have pushed me where I am, sitting in my stretchy pants on my couch, with a living room in shambles because a kid left the upstairs sink on and flooded the downstairs. Relatable? Ha! You people have no idea. Like I said, you're in for a ride, so buckle up buttercup!=)