Finding Light in the Dark

Melanie Green


selective focus photography of turned on tubular lamp
selective focus photography of turned on tubular lamp

After the events of the past few years there is a lot of questioning going on, and rightfully so. It's our human nature to question things. If you have kids, I'm sure you've gone through the "why?" phase. If you haven't, oooohhhhhh boy, just you wait. Our world is filled with darkness. It doesn't matter if you are a devoutly religious person or not, there is darkness. We can see it. It's in the kids that are constantly bullying other kids. It's in the parents that taught their kids that it's okay to do whatever you need to do to get ahead. It's in people who think they are above the rules & laws that are there to keep us safe. It is in people of authority who seek to put themselves first & not put the people they govern first.

We have to be able to try and stay as positive as we can. Our kids see it when we're "off." I'm totally guilty of this. We all are. Just like we can form negative habits and routines, we can form positive ones as well. The only way these positive habits will become routine will be for us to practice them on a daily basis multiple times a day.

I think in this day and age of being able to access anything and everything we want, whenever we want, has made us think everything in life should be easy as well. NOT the case! Once we start to make ourselves better, we can be an example to our kids and to those around us. Make kindness the norm. Wouldn't it be crazy to start seeing more positivity on the news instead of absolutely everything wrong in the world? I'm so sick of the news!

Homework time! I challenge you to start a journal. Every day write down something, or multiple things, positive that happened that day. Get your kids in on it, get your spouse or friend too! Talk about the light. Does this mean all the negative will go away? NO! BUT, it will definitely help to see all the good that sometimes might go unnoticed. Let me know how you're doing with it, I'd love to hear your outcomes! Remember to smile!