Covid Hit Home

Melanie Green


woman reading book on white and red textile
woman reading book on white and red textile

I know I've just started, so you would normally think "Where the heck has she been?!" Well, school started and along with it all the kid's activities.....then covid hit. Our world is super crazy right now. Crazies running amuck everywhere. As good parents, all we can do is our best. Research to find the facts, know how to identify false information, teach our kids how to independently think for themselves using the right information, etc. I was pretty indifferent to people getting vaccinated until it truly hit our household. I'm not including any type of politics at all, but a message.

Think about others, not just yourself.

All 3 of my kids are healthy kids, except for the common cold every now and then. The beginning of the school year always brings congested heads, runny noses, and a little bit of coughing. The Tuesday after the kids started school, my daughter was sent home by the nurse. She had been complaining of not feeling well and the nurse monitored her fever slowly rising. Picked her up and sure enough she tested positive. My husband and I had a medicine routine down pat! It was clockwork, we were determined to get ahead of fever and anything else that popped up. So far she had just had a slightly upset stomach and the highest her fever had gotten was 100.9. That Friday would completely change my outlook on anything covid related.

We were trying to make the best out of her missing school so early in the year. She loves science, so we were conducting an experiment, making our own snow from a National Geographic Kit. We were done and I was washing up. She said her stomach hurt and I offered her some water or a snack. As soon as I finished my sentence and looked up, she grabbed her stomach as if she'd just been punched, her eyes got real big, her face turned white, and she fell 5 feet hitting her head on the floor.

I immediately screamed for my husband while making a quick assessment. My healthy little girl was having a seizure. She was as stiff as a board, jaw clenched, teeth grinding, eyes rolling in the back of her head. She finally started coming out of it and was extremely confused and couldn't stand on her own. A 911 call and an ambulance ride to TX Children's Hospital later, and she was submitted to numerous tests. They couldn't find a single thing wrong with her to cause a seizure. She still has yet to have a prolonged EEG test done, but the only residual side effect has been an upset stomach every now and then.

This event was traumatic guys. I was the only one allowed in the hospital. She was so exhausted from the seizure she slept 2 and a half hours in the hospital. I nudged my daughter every 10 minutes to make sure she would move. I absolutely cannot imagine families who endure medical episodes such as this on a more regular basis. My heart goes out to you. There is literally NOTHING you can do for your babies during a seizure. Something is happening to your child that is hurting them and nothing you do will make it stop. Her seizure was purely caused by covid. Stupid covid.

I know a lot of people think that everyone is pushing them to get a vaccination against their will. Some people can't even get the vaccine due to other illnesses. If you are able, just get the damn shot. Kids under 12 are not able to get the protection of a vaccine, YOU are. Help us protect our babies. This goes way beyond liberals and conservatives. Think about others. I don't wish what I went through on anyone. You should do what is best for you, but as a society, think of others.

I didn't write this to argue or debate, just to put my experience out there since there is so much information out there and there is so much that is unknown. If you have questions I'd love to connect with you. I'm no doctor, but I figure the more awareness I can put out there the better, and maybe, just maybe it can help someone.